Last week, at Pier 92 in New York City, the best in the industry of luxury and creative packaging converged in one place: The 15ht annual Luxe Pack – NY Chapter.

The experience was beyond successful and we had a very productive and fun time interacting and exchanging ideas with the top of the line crowd in the lux and creative packaging industry.

At our booth, we showcased several samples of our most luxurious packaging that best represents Vista Color’s creative capabilities.

Vista Color Open House and ribbon cutting of its second XL106

At the night of our recent Open House, the newly acquired XL106 was on exhibit and running full speed for clients, peers and friends to appreciate and tour around.

Bill Eline delivered a speech and the speed master trophy to Jess and Henry.

“I am proud to be here tonight to honor Vista Color for installing their second XL106 press. I have known and worked with these guys for a long time.
My name is Bill Eline and I am with Heidelberg. I moved to South Florida in 1991 working for a company named Linotype-Hell, who was eventually bought by Heidelberg. When I moved here Vista Color was a large Linotype-Hell customer and was considered to be the premier color separation and prepress shop in FL.
Somewhere around the time Heidelberg was buying Linotype-Hell, Vista Color decided to get into commercial printing and started buy Heidelberg presses. I watched them to continue to grow and a few years ago they decided to concentrate on packaging printing only and get out of general commercial printing. I was involved when they bought their first XL106 and moved into this beautiful facility. We have just completed the installation of their second XL106 and now are the premier packaging company in my territory. It has been fun and exciting to work with them through their many changes and I am honored to be here tonight and present them with another Heidelberg Speedmaster trophy. Thank you again for your business throughout the years.”


Your product needs source tagging to sell at most retailer stores nowadays.

Whether is Sensormatic or Checkpoint, Vista Color is the only place in Florida that has you covered:

  • Package arrives ready to sell.
  • It’s built into your product, so label placement is consistent, protecting brand image.
  • It’s done in-line, when gluing the box.
  • Minimized impact to your packaging.
  • Did we mention package arrives ready to sell?

Protect brand image, ensure consistent label placement and get store ready with Vista Color.

Web Center

“I wanted to thank Vista Color for making life a breeze with the Web Center log-in. Your team stays on top of everything that is uploaded, more often than not I have proofs before I have officially finalized my copy. With the multitude of various print vendors we use for our many different product lines Web Center takes all the guessing out of the equation. I am amazed at the response I have found with Web Center, everything is expedited with quick speed, I know that my files are received, I know when proofs are available, and I always have a confirmation for approving or rejecting a file without any time lag. I wish all our vendors used such a simple approach to proofing, because it would save all of us a large swath of time every day. I find that the email notifications make logging in to acquire proofs so simple that there is hardly any thought process involved, what a simple procedure to make my daily routine go by quicker without searching for what I require. Please inform your team of my pleasure with this proofing set-up and more so to the team’s attentiveness and quick response to any topics or issues that may arise.”
Mark McHugh

Again, Thank you!!!

You really have a way with words, Mark!

Check out how Web center can make your life easier:

  • Easy organization and fast retrieval
  • Manage your complex approval process
  • Improve decision making
  • Streamline your business process and speed up your turnaround time
  • View, annotate and compare
  • Track annotations
  • Compare versions
  • Work on the same file, together
  • Hyper realistic 3D viewing

Web Center is the only packaging management tool you’ll ever need. Try it today.

It’s a WIN-WIN

It’s not enough to have fast and smart machines that serve our clients. It’s equally important to have fast and smart machines that serve our employees.
That’s why we are bragging about our new ERgosa Packer.

It’s ergonomic design eliminates any box lifting and it can easily be rolled from one gluer to another. So it’s a win-win. For everybody.

We went shopping! — Our latest visit to Drupa

With more than 300,000 attendees and 1,800 exhibitors from 52 countries, DUPRA is the world’s largest printing equipment trade show occurring every 4 years in Dusseldorf, Germany.

And Vista Color was there ready to bring home the latest technology.

“At DRUPA we had the opportunity to see & meet with all the printing press manufacturers to determine what press was the right fit for Vista Color. We were able to participate in demonstrations and get technical information to help us determine which press would best meet our needs.” Said Maria Hernandez, Vice President of Quality Systems at Vista Color who attended the event with Jess Hernandez, President. Our Vista Color Team also participated in a factory tour of the Heidelberg manufacturing facility and were able to see all the Heidelberg products offered for both the packaging industry and the commercial printing world.

The Heidelberg Press 6C XL 106 met all of our requirements with speeds of 18M per hour, integrated color management and continuous feed and delivery. This press is a perfect complement to our existing Heidleberg 7C XL 106 and will give Vista Color unmatched fire power in the press room.

Proof or final product?

It doesn’t matter what you want to print, you will be able to hold it in your hands before you go to press. And you know what that means – a huge savings in time and money.

  • With proof packaging you can get dynamic prototypes with real looking embossing, creasing, varnish and even a perfect contour cut.
  • Experiment with unique finishes and materials, premium textured accents. And the effects look 99% like the real product.
  • Print on the actual board.

Because it’s better to hold and idea in your hands, than just see it in your mind.

We want you to be 100% sure that what you print is what you want. Get a very realistic proof at a fraction of the cost and time. Come try Package Prototyping at Vista Color.

Vista Color receives 2 Recognitions of Excellence at the SFMA

We feel honored to get first runner up for Manufacturer of the Year (75-200 employees) at the SFMA 2016.
In their own words: “Vista Color delivers the extra edge for products to stand out amongst the competition”.
We couldn’t agree more.As if that wasn’t honor enough, our own Julie Otero won the 2016 Employee of the Year Award! We are very proud to have Julie in our team. She’s a true team player and the best lead trainer.
Congratulations, Julie!

Julie Otero